Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Cute Little Rat and Some Apple Pie!

 I bet when you think of "Ratatouille," you think of this little guy here:
Ever since my boyfriend and I watched the film about a year ago, I've been wanting to make ratatouille.  Well, I finally found the time and energy.  I followed Gina's Weight Watchers Ratatouille Recipe - love this blog!

 Since ratatouille is primarily chopped veggies, the Vidalia Chop Wizard saved the day again! This recipe would have easily taken twice as long if I had to chop an eggplant, an onion, and 2 peppers by hand!!  My mandolin also came in pretty handy for slicing the zucchini!

My dad didn't trust the Chop Wizard with fragile tomatoes, so he jumped in and helped speed up the process. (I think he just wanted to play with the over-sized knife though)

Taa-dah!!! The finished product was fabulous, and once again, I will have leftovers for a week!  I had about a cup and it's 0 WW Points! Who could have imagined veggies would have been so fulfilling and satisfying! Good job Gina!

I had a pesky 9 egg roll wrappers left over from the other night's dinner... so I looked up Weight Watchers recipes and Hungry Girl recipes that required egg roll wrappers, and I was surprised to find Hungry Girl's Awesome Apple Pie-lets!  Conveniently enough, I had all the ingredients in the house already.

 The filling in the pot on the stove before it became a filling.

These clearly came out much better than the egg rolls. Although as you can see, the filling started seeping out the sides of the wrappers onto the baking sheet.

MMM!! So much better than McDonalds, for probably half the calories - only 2 WW Points!

While we're on the subject of apples... Did you know - Apples are more efficient at waking you up in the morning than caffeine or coffee!! Does this mean apple pies for breakfast? Perhaps.

Until next time... Happy Eating!
- Steph =)

P.S. Any suggestions, requests, or ideas for next weekend?


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  1. Those look delicious.......Apple pie for breakfast? I say go for it. Better than danishes.